Caroline Wilkinson

Strength, Flexibility and Stillness


Caroline Wilkinson

Strength, Flexibility and Stillness

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Spring Term 2021

  • Lockdown3 Online Yoga

Term dates/days/times are below. From Monday 11th Jan to Wednesday 10th Feb all yoga sessions will be online. Please note that the Mon eve sessions are 6-7.30pm. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more or for a link to join any of these classes. Thanks.

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Monday mornings Cranborne, Dorset.

  • Change of venue

The Monday 10.30am Cranborne sessions which used to be held in The Garden Room at Cranborne Garden Centre are now held in Cranborne Village Hall when we are not online for lockdown.

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Caroline Wilkinson BWYDip

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher and Kinesiology Practitioner

Caroline has been practising yoga regularly since 1989. She trained with the British Wheel of Yoga from 1999 and in 2002 received their teaching diploma. Since then, she has been teaching individuals and groups of all abilities around Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and on the island of Mallorca.


The style of yoga teaching combines elements from various traditions, following the classical paths of Hatha and Raja Yoga with inspiration from Krishnamacharya and his son, Desikachar; Satyananda/Bihar School and Vanda Scaravelli. It is a style that is suitable for people of any age and ability. It focuses on being fully aware of your body and your breath in different yoga postures – firstly through movement, then through stillness. Towards the end of each session, there are specific breathing and deep relaxation practices naturally leading towards a sense of inner balance through this way of practising.

One of the most important aspects of yoga is keeping the mind calmly focused within the body throughout the session. This mindful awareness links the body, the mind and the breath, creating unity and harmony within. Practising the postures in a careful, disciplined way will bring increased flexibility, strength and poise to body and mind, improving your health, vitality and overall well-being.



Spring Term 2021

  • First half 5 weeks. Second half 6 weeks. Half-term 1 week.

  • Monday 11th January - Friday 12th February

  • Half-term 15th - 19th February

  • Monday 22nd February - Friday 2nd April

The Practice

Each one-and-a-half-hour session follows a pattern of preparation, warm-up, classic postures and variations, separate breathing and concentration practices moving towards meditation and ending with a deep relaxation. This way of practising allows the student to gradually move deeper into the yoga practices giving their body and mind time to adjust to the changes taking place. Within this pattern, the content of the session changes each week enabling students to experience a wide variety of postures, breathing practices and other aspects of yoga.<br><br>Some yoga sessions also include aspects of yoga philosophy from texts such as The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which contains the eight-fold path of yoga, namely yama (universal codes of conduct), niyama (personal moral observances), asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dyhana (meditation) and samadhi (absorption).

Fees and Booking

Fees are payable in advance at the start of each term. If a student pays for the term then misses a session, they can make it up by attending another session at one of the other venues. One-off sessions are available for new students wishing to experience this style of teaching, and sometimes also for those unable to commit to a block of classes. To find out more and to book your place, contact Caroline on 01725 552209 or

Private Classes

Private yoga sessions are available Monday to Thursday. They are tailored to suit various needs, for example: students who may require special attention for medical reasons; those who are beginners wishing to have a few introductory sessions to learn the basics before joining a group class; those who are not available at the times when group classes run, or for those who prefer one-to-one tuition.



What to expect

Yoga workshops focus on a particular theme. You will spend time working on postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, and other aspects of yoga such as meditation or philosophy, according to the theme of the workshop. Recent workshops have included The Five Tibetans, Principles of a Basic Practice, Learning and Practising Meditation, Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutations and Yoga for Beginners.

They are usually held around Dorset in venues which provide a warm, light and airy space to enjoy the practices. Numbers are limited to allow plenty of room for everyone so please book in advance.

Arrive early if you would like time for a chat before we begin. There will be a mid-morning break when drinks and light bites are provided.



Yoga Holiday Deia, Mallorca

  • Next yoga holiday provisional dates mid-October 2021

A fabulous yoga getaway in mid-October for 6 days. Twice daily yoga sessions, delicious local food and gorgeous accommodation in a traditional Mallorcan village. Time to pause, relax and enjoy the natural surroundings of mountains and sea, as you wish. More detailed information below…



This is a wonderful opportunity to experience yoga in the idyllic setting of the beautiful village of Deia. Situated in the north of the island nestled between mountains and sea, about 40 minutes drive from Palma airport. The pebble cove, called the Cala, is about 25 minutes walk down through the old part of the village and ancient olive groves following the Torrent Major to the sea. The Cala is a lovely place to swim, relax or enjoy food and drink, while soaking up the sun and the scenery. Set aside some time for personal study and quiet reflection in Deia's peaceful surroundings.


Two charming traditional Mallorcan houses just 5-10 minutes walk from the centre of the village provide the accommodation. The main house sleeps eight people and the second house sleeps up to five. All the bedrooms have twin beds and a bathroom or shower room ensuite. Some of the twin rooms can be doubles and there is also one single room available with ensuite. An early breakfast cuppa, croissant, cereal and fruit will start the day and a large healthy vegetarian lunch will be served after the morning yoga session. Teas/coffees freely available throughout your stay in the large well-equipped kitchens. There is a secluded pool for a swim or lounging around and plenty of space indoors and in the gardens for your own personal yoga practice perhaps enjoying quiet contemplation, reading, meditative walks, spiritual discussions, whatever you'd like.


There is a large, shady garden with the main yoga practice area plus meditation and relaxation spaces too, along with a separate orchard where you will find hammocks for dozing and hens clucking around. If needed, perhaps due to the weather, there is a perfect indoor space for the yoga sessions. There will be approx 2 hours of yoga each morning and 1.5 hours each evening (except one evening which is free time). The morning sessions will be more dynamic, and will include energizing postures and breathing practices, whereas the evening sessions will focus on restorative practices, including gentle postures, breathing, meditation and longer relaxation. This is a general guide as the yoga sessions will naturally be adapted, where possible to the needs of those on the retreat. The style of teaching is a mixture of hatha and rāja yoga, which suits all ages and abilities, see the classes page for details. Some experience of yoga is useful, although during the yoga sessions Caroline will give full instruction and offer alternatives to postures or breathing practices where necessary so all abilities are welcome.

Free time

Afternoons are for you to enjoy as you wish. Coastal paths and mountain tracks provide wonderful opportunities for walking and soaking up the surrounding scenery. There is a museum in the former home of the writer Robert Graves; an archaeological museum built into the rock; galleries of art and pottery and a variety of good shops. Buses - cheap and comfortable - run through the village to places of interest such as Soller and Valldemossa. Deia offers a surprisingly good choice of restaurants, bars and cafes serving delicious local food and international cuisines to suit every pocket, all within 5-10 minutes walking distance from the accommodation - places to consider for an evening bite to eat. Down at the Cala there's another restaurant and a bar/cafe (may just be open daytime). If you'd like to create your own snacks, there are two food stores in the village where you can choose for yourself from the tasty variety of local delicacies on offer and you will have full use of the kitchen facilities at the house for preparing and enjoying those delicious olives, aioli, coca mallorquin, almond panelletas... mmm...


Estimated cost for Oct 2021 is £775 pp based on 2 people sharing a twin room. This includes yoga tuition, six night's accommodation, breakfast, main lunch and teas/coffees, cake, fruit throughout your stay. The price excludes flights, transfers, evening meals. No need to bring your yoga mat unless you would like to as mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets, etc are all provided (as are room towels and ones to take to the cove).



Classic Yoga Mats and Blocks

  • Available to buy on the day

  • Order in advance

Photograph of yoga products
  • Classic Yoga Mat (wide)183 x 80 cm £34
  • Classic Yoga Mat (standard) 180 x 60 cm £22
  • Chipped Foam Block (full) 5.0 cm £4
  • Chipped Foam Block (half) 2.5 cm £3


Telephone 01725 552209


Open email

— From an original watercolour by Loraine Sherlock

Hi just wanted to write and thank you for our wonderful yoga sessions at the the Dare 2 festival last weekend. Without a doubt you were the highlight. Really, really enjoyable, inspiring, and you are a fantastic teacher. I only wish I lived in Dorset, then I could come regularly. If you know any particularly good Hatha teachers in London do let me know... Very best

— Dallas C, London

Thank you also for a lovely session - I always sleep better on Yoga nights!

— Catherine, Dorset

Dear Caroline, Thank you so much for your ideas. What I love most is your inspirational 'in-the-momentness' that I so need at the moment! Thanks again.

— Katie

I love your yoga sessions and feel totally different about everything life throws at me by attending! Many Thanks.

— Clare A, Dorset