Summer Term 2024

  • Begins – Monday 15th April
  • Half-term 27th – 31 May
  • Ends – Thursday 11th July

The Practice

For group classes, each one-and-a-half-hour session follows a pattern of preparation, warm-up, classic postures with variations, separate breathing and concentration practices moving towards meditation and ending with a deep relaxation. This way of practising allows the student to gradually move deeper into the yoga practices giving their body and mind time to adjust to the changes taking place. Within this pattern, the content of the session changes each week enabling students to experience a wide variety of postures, breathing practices and other aspects of yoga.

Some yoga sessions also touch on elements of yoga philosophy from texts such as The Yoga Sutra of Patañjali which contains the eight-fold path of yoga, namely yama (universal codes of conduct), niyama (personal moral observances), āsana (postures), prānāyāma (breathing practices), pratyāhāra (sense withdrawal), dhāranā (concentration), dyhāna (meditation) and samādhi (absorption).

Fees and Booking

Fees are payable in advance at the start of each term. If a student pays for the term then misses a session, they can make it up anytime within that term by attending another session at one of the other venues or online if preferred. One-off sessions are available if space permitting for new students wishing to experience this style of teaching, and also for those unable to commit to a block of classes at that time. To find out more and to book your place, contact Caroline, details below.

One-to-one Classes

One-to-one yoga sessions are available Monday to Friday. They are tailored to suit various needs, for example: students who may require special attention for medical reasons; those who are beginners wishing to have a few introductory sessions before joining a group class; those who are not available at the times when group classes run; or for those who simply prefer one-to-one tuition. The length of the session can vary so as to best fit with your needs.