Sunday Mornings Yoga Study and Practice

9.15am – 12.30pm

  • The next one is an immersive Yoga Nidrā session on Sunday 1st October 2023 at Chalke Valley Sports Centre in Broad Chalke Wiltshire

What to expect

Each of these Sunday morning workshops will focus on various aspects of yoga. Depending on the theme of the morning, time will be spent exploring chosen postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, and other aspects of yoga such as meditation, philosophy, Sanskrit, chanting, mudra, chakra and classic texts.

Previous workshops have included Principles of a Basic Yoga Practice, The Five Tibetans, Learning and Practising Meditation, Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutations, Yoga Nidrā and one on Yoga for Beginners. Let me know if there is anything else that you are particularly interested in.

On the 1st October ’23 it will be a Yoga Nidrā Sunday Session to understand the origins and benefits of this deeply healing practice then to experience it fully for yourself. Yoga nidrā means yogic sleep which is not going to sleep but bringing your body mind and emotions into a place of deep rest while staying awake and calmly aware.

It will be held at Chalke Valley Sports Centre in Broad Chalke, Wiltshire SP5 5HX. This is in the beautiful Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs AONB, linking with Dorset and and near to the border of Hampshire. The venue provides a warm, light and airy space to enjoy the practices with the wonderful addition of underfloor heating which, if needed, is particularly ideal for lying in savāsana for yoga nidrā . Plenty of parking available. Numbers of people on the workshops are limited to allow enough space for everyone to feel comfortable so please do book in advance.

Please arrive by 9am so there is time to prepare before we begin. There will be a mid-morning break with drinks provided and you are welcome to bring lunch to enjoy when the session has ended if you wish. The session is due to end by around 12.30pm but do allow yourself extra time so that there is no hurry if we do happen to overrun a little. Many thanks and hope to see you soon.